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Fawnling Foes by TigressDesign Fawnling Foes by TigressDesign

For use on The Western Isles, a fictional RP land where Fawnlings live! Download for fullview!

Everyone knows the Blackwoods have a daily battle against the wolves, and that the Oakferns' mortal enemy is the jaguar, but what about all the other fuzzy, feathery, scaly and spiky predators of The Western Isles? Well never fear! Here's a handy chart for you! Or actually... you might want to have a little fear... I know I'm scared to go outside now...

This is by no means a comprehensive list of nasties. These are the main predators skulking around the Western Isles, actively hunting Fawnlings for dinner! There are a multitude of biting, stinging, poisonous, and venomous critters out there that aren't on this chart but may still kill Fawnlings on accidentally or on purpose. 

Please note: There may be one... or two... humorous additions. Please take them in jest and not literally :D Otherwise, they are all (mostly) based on real animals, some of which are now extinct but a Google search should get you all the detail you need if you want more than this summary's worth of information!


The Western Isles by Ehetere

Jaguar - Wellwellwell, looky here. It's that famous Oakfern jaguar. These stealthy hunters prowl the surface caves looking for wayward Fawnlings to chow down on. These are the whole reason the Oakferns keep to the depths of their deep dark caves where the jaguars can't reach! If you decide to take a stroll outside, prepare to be eaten!
Anaconda - Just in case the jaguar wasn't enough to put you off, you might also trip over any number of constricting snakes in the jungle around Oakfern or hiding out in the surface caves. The anaconda here is the worst-case scenario, and it'll eat Fawnlings whole, and jaguars too!
Tree - What!? It might fall on you, okay!? Plus jaguars and anacondas like to ambush you from them...

Great White Shark - Duuuuun dun. Duuuuuuuuun dun. Dundundundun dundundundun... The Great White is only one of many shark species cruising the waters around the Wester Isles but they are certainly the largest and most feared. The crossing to the mainland just got a whole lot less appealing, didn't it? 
Wedge-tailed Eagle - aka, the Wedgie. Never mind the dingo (who sadly doesn't make an appearance here), this feathery raptor will snatch your baby and carry it off to it's treetop roost for lunch. If that isn't impressive enough, wedgies have been known to team up and chase their prey off cliffs, or isolate the weak from the herd for a bigger meal.
Saltwater Crocodile - The dinosaur that extinction forgot. Salties are stealth predators, prowling saltwater marshes, calm beaches and rivers for a tasty meal. If they get their teeth on you, you're not getting away.
Thylacine - Windborne wouldn't be complete without a marsupial hunter! The Thylacine, or Windborne Tiger is a tricky opportunistic critter that snatches away fawns.
Drop Bear - So rare that most believe it a myth, the drop bear - not to be mistaken for the friendly if somewhat intoxicated koala bear - is a ferocious beast so called because it drops on its prey from above. It prefers tourists to locals, but don't think you're safe! The moment you let your guard drop, that's when the drop bear strikes. Trololol/

Cave Lion - The fire-stricken and unforgiving savannah plains of Silverthorne means that the Cave Lion, or "Scimitar-toothed Cat" is the only large predator around. Primarily ambush hunters, the lions work in small to medium-sized groups to hunt and kill Fawnlings. They rely on frightening their prey enough that they can't concentrate on burning them to a crisp! 
Lappet-faced Vulture - But vultures are just scavengers!! Right!? Sorry chaps, but no such luck. The lappet-faced vulture, while preferring to scavenge a meal and chow down on skin, grisly tendon and bone, they won't pass up an easy meal. Weighting up to 9.6kg, these massive birds hunt the small and weak by bowling down their prey hard enough to stun before ripping them apart with their amazingly strong beaks. 

Red Fox - While the most frightening thing about this small opportunistic predator to an adult Fawnling is its atrocious caterwauling, an unattended foal is fair game! Better just to chase the little menaces away so they'll go back to hunting bunnyrabbits.
Hodgeheg - You think Glenmore is a paradise!? You think you're SAFE in this lush and bountiful land!? You think foxes are the only predators prowling the night!?!?! Well ladies and gentlefawns, I present to you, the Hodgeheg. It might feast entirely on hapless slugs with no evidence to the contrary, but I assure you, the Hodgeheg is not to be trifled with! 

Wolf - Well you knew that was coming, didn't you? The wolves of Blackwood are canny creatures with high intelligence and stealthy tactics. And they have to, because the hunted hunt back! Blackwoods will kill wolves as a rite of passage, but one wrong move and you can bet you'll be snapped up in a second. 
Golden Eagle - Awww, how majestic and beautiful and OW MY EYES. The Golden eagle is a swift and clever raptor, and so braze that it's been known to steal a fawn right out from under it's mother's feet! Employing various hunting techniques, the Golden Eagle is definitely one to be avoided.
Cougar - aka puma or mountain lion, the Cougar is exactly the reason Princesses don't just skip out of Glenmore and through the Ridgeback Range as if it's a stroll in the Glenwood. Geez, idiot, just turn around and go home before you get eaten. Oh... wait... nevermind. 
Ice Bear - aka the cave bear. This snuggly big lump of white-grey-brown fluff is - surprisingly - primarily herbivorous. Then again, if you're stupid enough to get up close to see what berries he's chomping on, he'll probably just swat your head clean off your shoulders and chomp on you instead. To be avoided at all costs. Because that cost WILL be your life if you take this chap on. Lucky for you, he usually lives up in the mountains playing skittles with cougar heads. 

And that concludes your whirlwind tour of Things That Will Eat You On the Western Isles :dummy:

Coming soon: Fawnling Friends!
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TheDott Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what other predators are in ST besides the lion and the vulture. 
Mercivorex Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
What other prey animals exist to keep these beasties full besides the poor Fawnlings? .-.
LeakyTrain Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Fawnlings are the biggest herbivores, so there aren't any giraffes or anything like that ;) I'm not 100% sure on specifics, though I imagine they would be based on real life animals found in similar environments (eg. wallabies in Windborne, which is based on Australia). Keep your eyes open though, because there is a 'Fawnling Friends' sheet in the works! :la: 
Mercivorex Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
I figured they were likely the primary prey animals but I doubted only one prey animal species could feed all those predators xD 
LeakyTrain Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Haha, yeah - otherwise the predators would be far more bold and terrifying! :ohnoes:
TheDott Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick questing could there possibly be a pack of wolves that had moved over the border of blackwood and glenmoor to look for prey?
TigressDesign Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply! Wolves don't stray as far as Glenmore, the mountains and guards along the border keep them in Blackwood :)
TheDott Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks I'll keep that on mind :)
PokaDotPonies Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hodgeheg. XD
TigressDesign Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Watch our for dem hodgehegs!! Spiky little monsters
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