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Mon Jul 14, 2014, 7:05 AM


There are five strands of magic that exist within the Western Kingdoms in a tentative balance, with each herd being associated with one of them. Most Fawnlings have little to no magical ability, however possess the potential to unlock it. Each type of magic is slightly different in its uses and effects.

A purebred herd member can master their magic through practice and study to become a legend! It’s up to you if your Fawnling uses their magic for the forces of good or evil, but having fun is a must.

As magic is improved, you unlock more Abilities. Be careful not to use any Abilities beyond your Skill Level! Doing so is against the rules! Please make sure you understand Skill Levels from the Skill Journal before using magic.

Remember that the examples below are not definitive, but just because “popping eyeballs” isn’t on the list of Oakfern Abilities, you shouldn’t assume you can do it at any level. Use your discretion when figuring out at what level you might be able to do something based on the power of the other examples in that level, or simply ask the staff if you’re not sure!

using magic

Magic takes a physical and mental toll on its users, and requires training and discipline to master. Without this training, the attempted use of powers beyond a fawn’s abilities will leave them weakened; either unable to use magic again or dead. Magical powers and abilities may be artificially enhanced (permanently or temporarily) through the use of charms or certain magical plants. Fawns cannot consciously control their magic until they are at least three years of age, and may or may not exhibit unconscious powers until this point.

beware god-modding!

No godmodding will be tolerated with characters when it comes to magic; all characters have the option of avoiding an attack, but at the same time, being impervious to magic much stronger than you is another kind of godmodding. Read more about Skill Levels and Using Skills on the Skill Journal to determine what a realistic outcome in a fight would be.


Charms are combinations of magically significant objects (natural) imbued with magic. The charms made by each magic type do differ slightly in nature but can produce similar effects. The strength of the charm depends on the strength of the spellcaster, and can be used to enhance magic abilities, protect from illness or injury, shield from other spellcasters or enhance the senses, just to name a few. They are most frequently used in black magic, though all magic types use them.

underage magic

As stated above, the attempted use of powers beyond a fawn’s abilities will leave them weakened; either unable to use magic again or dead. Fawns cannot use magic until the age of three. However, for plot and fun-related reasons, you will be allowed to submit ONE RP when the fawn is less than three-years-old where they display basic level magic. Underage magic is unconscious, and the fawn will not be able to control how the magic works. It will be instinctual, and usually used in a life-threatening situation, and they will be weakened for weeks afterward. If they use magic that’s higher than basic, or use basic magic more than once before they are three, they will risk losing all their magic and become a magical dud.

The only exception to the underage magic rule is if the baby is Born Adept (see the Skills Journal).

inborn vs conscious magic

Some magic skill is inborn in the caster, and may be exerted subconsciously with no effort. These effects are harder to negate or detect with charms or spells.

magical duds and talentless fawnlings

A "Magical dud" is a fawnling with NO magic, and will pass on this condition to their children 100% of the time! A magical dud is the end of the magical line for future descendants.

"Talentless" fawnlings are unable to cast magic themselves, but they still inherit the potential to pass magic on to their children.

A character does not have to be a crossbred to inherit these conditions, and you can opt to give your purebred character one of these at birth if you're that kind of evil person, but you can't take it away once it's given! Crossbreds will inherit once of these conditions 50% of the time through a mandatory RNG (see below), but a purebred only inherits one if the player wants them to.



Crossbreeds will only display up to Medium Level Magic at best, capped at 19 Skill Points (see Skills Journal), though more likely they will be born with only a basic innate talent or no magic at all! In very very rare cases, a crossbred inherits magic from both parents, but only as Basic Level maximum.

Crossbred fawns born in-game will have their inherited magic randomly selected by RNG by the staff, to be posted when the fawn design is accepted. Regardless of % bloodline, a crossbred foal will always face the RNG.

crossbred with 2 purebred parents:

  1. Magical Dud: 25% chance -  They inherit no magical powers, and will always have magical dud foals.

  2. Talentless: 25% chance - They inherit no magic powers, but can potentially pass on one pre-determined type of magic to their fawns if they roll well in the RNG.

  3. One Basic Magic Type: 25% chance - The fawn will inherit one magical power from one parent, capped at 9 Points (Basic Level)

  4. One Medium Magic Type: 22% chance - The fawn will inherit one magical power from one parent, capped at 19 points (Medium Level).

  5. Two Basic Magic Types: 3% chance - The fawn inherits the magic type of both parents, both capped at 9 (Basic Level).

crossbred with 2 bloodlines, 75% or above one bloodline:

Same as above, only the dominant magic is the only option.

crossbred with 3 bloodlines:

Same as 2 purebred parents, but limited to 1 magic type at the most, Basic Level only

crossbred with 4 or more bloodlines:

100% chance of Magical Dud

crossbreeding with black magic:

The fawn will only inherit one type of black magic from their parent, they cannot learn additional types besides the one they were born with.

crossbreeding with light magic:

This is the ONLY cross-breeding that is beneficial! Unless the sire is 100% Blackwood, light magic acts like a mirror, and boosts the magical potential of the fawn. A "crossbred" from a light magic mother does not count as a crossbred under the above rules. For all intents and purposes, unless the sire is a cross-bred, the resulting fawn is 100% pure bloodline of the sire. The type of magic the fawn inherits is based on the sire's magic and the gender of the foal:

Earth x Light = Earth magic sons, light magic daughters

Fire x Light = Fire magic fawns, both genders.

Water x Light = Water magic fawns, both genders.

Air x Light = Air magic fawns, both genders.

Black x Light = Magic dud, both genders.

Magically Neutral - Premature Silverthornes

Once upon a time when the earth was new and Gods roamed about, fawnlings were all born without magic. Not the magical duds known today (see below), but clean slates, free from magical taint. These individuals were magically neutral, which made them especially good to adhere magic to when gods bestowed their gifts. They also didn’t taint magical bloodlines when they were mixed, but they did dilute them.

an allegory

Think of the magically neutral as water. Earth magic is Mountain Dew. You mix the two together, you end up with weaker tasting Mountain Dew. Get the weak mountain dew, and mix it with some more mountain dew, you’ve got stronger tasting, 75% mountain dew. Following me so far?

Now let’s imagine Black magic is coke. Mix it with mountain dew, and you’ve got a weird muddy softdrink. There’s no way you’re going to get that taste out, no matter how much you mix it. Throw in some fanta and pasito, and you have one weird tasting drink that isn’t even enjoyable anymore. It’s probably gone flat. No more bubbles.

Light magic is CO2, extra bubbles for all. Except coke. None for coke.

WHAT THIS MEANS for fawnlings is that because of how Silverthornes are brewed, their magic doesn’t manifest until right before full term birth. Until this point, they are magically neutral. Fawns born early have no magic in their blood (provided their parents were both pure Silverthorne) and are usually killed as an act of mercy, or protection from something worse…

Sometimes they may be tainted by other magic while in the womb, and be born with another magic type prematurely. It should be noted this sort of magic is not stable and while it would produce purebred offspring with another pure magic user, may also become unstuck if too much is used at one time, leaving them burnt out with nothing, except in extenuating circumstances (see, Gráinne).

Premature fawns are allowed to be born, but remember that it is herd policy for all to be put to death, a superstition shared not only by the stags but the does as well (if not more so).

Magic Types

glenmore - earth magic

Influential Magic - Non Destructive

Earth Magic is the near-forgotten power of the Glenmore herd. With the decline in skill and potency of the Glenmore herd’s magic, Earth Magic is nothing more than a party trick these days. Medium-level practitioners are considered impressive, and those with more advanced levels are getting increasingly rarer. Earth Magic controls plants and soil, and the legends tell of being able to move rock and make whole forests bloom in the midst of the darkest winter.

Examples of Earth Magic Abilities, including but not limited to:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Growing flowers

  • Greening the grass at their feet

Medium Level Examples:

  • Speedy flowering - eg, Making a tree blossom out of season

  • Growing shrubbery - eg, slow-growing vines/roots to trip others

  • Sense plants

  • Moving the earth - eg, digging small to medium holes

  • Sense fertility/mineral content of soil

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Speedy shrubbery - eg, Make a branch barrier, grabbing enemies with vines and brambles

  • Growing trees - eg, creating 10-years-worth of growth per hour of concentration

  • “Plant Empathy” - eg, knowing how healthy a plant is/if any part of it is broken/stressed

  • Moving the earth - eg, digging medium to large holes

  • Influencing the fertility/mineral content of soil

  • Shaping rock

Master Level Examples:

  • Speedy trees - eg, creating 20-years-worth of growth per hour of concentration

  • Bringing the forest forcibly out of winter and into spring

  • Moving the earth - eg, Move earth fast enough to bury someone alive

  • Making earth golems - ie, constructs of rock and/or plant material under your control, they have no sentience

Things they can’t do:

  • Making earth out of nothing

  • Levitate earth/stone - ie, building up soil and rock has to have a base to stand on

  • Deconstruct rock to soil/sand

  • GET a girlfriend - eg, joke

glenmore - light magic

Influential Magic - Non Destructive

Available only to the coveted Princess Does of Glenmore, Light Magic specialises in healing and negating magic with bad intentions. Always a force for good, Light Magic is very rare and the teachings have been long lost so in recent centuries this flavour of magic has dwindled into obscurity. To find a Princess with better than basic ability is wondrous, and having talent beyond that is unheard of! Those that do display even mild Light Magic are paired with the Kings and Princes of Glenmore in a vain attempt to bolster their own magic.

Examples of Light Magic Abilities, including but not limited to:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Healing cuts and bruises

  • Soothing arthritis

Medium Level Examples:

  • Healing open wounds

  • Negating poisons

  • Enhance other magic

  • Cancel out Black magic

  • Glowing with light

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Healing serious illness

  • Healing ‘spiritual’ wounds (not all wounds are physical)

  • Reduce effects of any offensive magic - eg, lessening the burn from a Fire Magic attack

  • Shining with light

Master Level Examples:

  • Healing someone from the brink of death

  • Cancel out/dissipate any magical power directed at them

  • Reflective shield against other magic types - eg, bouncing a fireball back at the caster

  • Physical manifestation of magic use - eg, blockbuster glowing special effects, shapes in light

  • Blinding with light

Thing they can’t do:

  • Girl they can do anything.

  • Except tempt frigid guards to make forbidden babies.

windborne - air magic

Immediate Magic - Destructive

Air (or Wind) Magic is the earmark of the blustery island of Windborne. While being able to shape the wind does not seem much to outsiders, to master this magic comes with phenomenal power. This herd is not just a collection of beach bums with badass hair; calling storms and ripping the air from the lungs of your enemy sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Examples of Air Magic Abilities, including but not limited to:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Directing mild wind currents - eg, Dramatic breeze for badass hair

  • Speed up wind slightly

  • Slow down wind slightly

Medium Level Examples:

  • Directing wind currents - eg, buffeting an opponent off-balance but not blowing over completely, or use for super duper dramatic hair

  • Pick up small / light objects in wind - eg, grass, sand

  • Calm mild winds

  • Heat wind

  • Cool wind

  • Willy-willies (Whirlwinds)

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Directing fast wind currents - eg, enough to push another fawnling over

  • Pick up medium objects in the wind - eg, bushes

  • Asphyxiation of opponents

  • Increasing air pressure

  • Lessening air pressure

Master Level Examples:

  • Summoning storms and lightning

  • Pick up large objects in wind - eg, other fawnlings, trees

  • Tornados

Things they can’t do:

  • Control electricity directly

  • Keep a girlfriend

silverthorne - fire magic

Immediate Magic - Destructive

One of the most common and destructive magic types, Fire Magic belongs to the large population of Silverthorne. Arson and fear mongering are their speciality, it’s just a pity they can’t actually put their own fires out! Without careful supervision, uncontrolled fires can spread across the entire Kingdom, bringing famine, death and destruction in its wake.

PLEASE NOTE: all crossbred fire-users are not impervious to fire and will be burned if it touches them, do not attempt to set self on fire!

Examples of Fire Magic Abilities, including but not limited to:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Manipulating existing flame

  • Walk through fire

Medium Level Examples:

  • Create fire (regular yellow/orange only)

  • Fiery sneezes

  • Lighting easily flammable objects on fire

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Attacking with conjured flame (ability to aim and fire, control it)

  • Set self on fire without burning

  • Set another Fawnling on fire

  • Draw heat from objects - ie, make them cold, stealing the heat for themselves, can be used to temper blazes

Master Level Examples:

  • Lighting less flammable objects on fire - eg, rock, very large trees etc

  • Melting and controlling melted material - eg, rock

  • Breathing fire

  • Produce the hottest flame, may be different colours

Things they can’t do:

  • Extinguish flame, they can only control its direction and fuel

  • Heat things objects / the air without the involvement of fire

  • Stand in fire indefinitely - they will suffocate without oxygen!

oakfern - water magic

Immediate Magic - Destructive

Water Magic belongs to the mysterious and feared Oakfern Fawnlings. Oakferns are able to control the water that runs through their warren of caves and caverns, run across lakes, freeze jaguars in their tracks and boil the organs of their enemies. Don’t mess with an Oakfern unless you want them to pop your eyeballs and use your own blood to drown you on dry land.

Examples of Water Magic Abilities, including but not limited to:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Directing small amounts of water - eg, altering the flow of a shallow stream around your feet

  • Basic control of water tension - eg, lake ripples, miniature images out of puddles

  • Affinity for swimming

  • Rain-repellent

Medium Level Examples:

  • Directing medium amounts of water - eg, redirecting a stream completely, making a wave in a still lake

  • Medium control of still water tension - eg,  make a to-scale water replica of themselves/others/things, stand on a lake’s surface

  • Detect nearby water - eg, nearby lakes, other animals by sensing their body’s water

  • Boil/freeze medium amounts of water - eg, boil/freeze a cubic metre of water

  • Swim underwater with ease

  • Direct raindrops within a metre

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Directing large amounts of water - eg, making waves large enough to carry you

  • Advanced control of water tension - eg, making a large water replica of themselves/others/things, stand on streams/sea no deeper than a few metres, allow others to stand on still water

  • Levitate medium amounts of water - ie, not touching any water/surface already obeying gravity

  • Boil/freeze large amounts of water - eg, boil/freeze five cubic metres of water, crafting ice sculptures

  • Control minor amounts of water inside another creature - eg, cause nosebleeds/disturb other easily-upset surface capillaries

Master Level Examples:

  • Directing huge amounts of water - eg, huge waves, parting small lakes/rivers

  • Master control of water tension - eg, making a giant water replica of themselves/others/things, stand on the sea, allow others to stand on running water

  • Levitate large amounts of water - ie, not touching any water/surface already obeying gravity

  • Boil/freeze huge amounts of water - eg, boil/freeze a small lake

  • Making ice golems - ie, constructs of ice under your control, they have no sentience

  • Control water inside another creature - eg, cause aneurysms, exploding organs, boiling/freezing blood

Thing they can’t do:

  • Grow gills

  • Breathe under water

  • Stand in boiling water without cooking themselves

  • Let go of a grudge

blackwood - black magic

Immediate / Influential Magic - Destructive

The most varied and sinister of the magic types, Black Magic belongs to the underfed, unsatiated, demoralising Blackwoods. They can curse you to make your toenails curl or make you think it’s a good idea to jump off a cliff. They can raise up dear old grandmother’s ghost and make her haunt you to the end of days, or they can commandeer your soul. It’s a good idea to steer away from Blackwood if you value your sanity.

Black magic is split into five types. All users born with Black Magic will have one inborn (natural) type of magic as their primary. You can choose to master a secondary Black Magic type, but you must level them separately. The extended use of any of the following types besides from Hexes and Curses has been linked to mental instability and an early grave.

Some Black Magic types are restricted to a certain number to keep them rare, closed or full magic types will have a note next to the title to denote this.

PLEASE NOTE: Crossbred black magic users may only choose one of the five black magic types.

Hexes and Curses (Common) (6)

Used to bring misfortune and misery. A broad category that encompasses bad luck, illness, famine and death. Hexes tend to have an immediate effect while curses can be longer lasting and longer acting. Curses may also be placed on objects. Examples include:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Cursing with miscellaneous bad luck (may be more specific, such as poor luck in love)

  • Cursing / hexing one target

Medium Level Examples:

  • Hexing with a plague of frogs

  • Cursing with ill health

  • Hexing with insatiable hunger

  • Cursing / hexing several targets

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Cursing someone with infertility

  • Hex with serious illness

  • Voodoo charms / hexes

  • Cursing / hexing many targets

Master Level Examples:

  • Curse someone with a terminal illness

  • Voodoo dolls

  • Hex with old age / rapid aging

  • Hex to steal back years of youth

  • Cursing / hexing whole family lines (including unborn family descendants)

Thing they can’t do:

  • Directly curse/hex with death

Possession (Uncommon) (5)

The possession of another’s body by the enslaving of other spirits or the will of the spellcaster’s own mind. Examples include:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Possession through dreams whereby the spellcaster remains asleep

  • Possessing small animals while conscious

Medium Level Examples:

  • Possession by summoning spirits (no control over spirit)

  • Trap a spirit in an object / animal

  • Possession of larger animals while asleep

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Possession while conscious

  • Possession of multiple targets while asleep

  • Command spirits

  • Possession of larger animals while conscious

Master Level Examples:

  • Possession of multiple targets while conscious

  • Command powerful spirits

  • Command multiple spirits

Thing they can’t do:

  • Reanimate dead bodies / possess them without using necromancy

Necromancy (Uncommon) (7)

The control of the dead, be it spirits or physical corpses. Examples include:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Summoning ghosts and spirits for short time

Medium Level Examples:

  • Summoning spirits and keeping them there

  • Reanimating small animals

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Reanimating corpses

  • Command spirits

Master Level Examples:

  • Entering the spirit world (not physically, separating the spirit from the body)

  • Animating many corpses

  • Command powerful spirits

  • Command multiple spirits

Thing they can’t do:

  • Enter other bodies with their spirit unless using possession magic

Illusionism (Rare) (3/3 Closed)

Magic associated with mind tricks and matters of perception. Also enables the caster to tinker directly with a victim’s mind in advanced users. Some examples include:

Basic Level Examples:

  • Directing attention away from the spell caster

Medium Level Examples:

  • Projecting false images

  • Project false image of self (eg. changing colour, height etc)

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Projecting false memories

  • Projecting false images to multiple targets

  • Projecting complex images / environments

  • Project complex false image of self (different species)

Master Level Examples:

  • Invisibility including the cloaking of senses (ie. sound, smell etc)

  • Rewriting complex false memories

  • Cause insanity and broken minds (caster or victim)

Thing they can’t do:

  • Directly create / transform actual objects (illusions are not actually there or solid)

Enthralling (Very Rare) (2/2 Closed)

Similar to hypnosis, holds the fascination and attention of other fawnlings against their will. May be exerted consciously or subconsciously.

Basic Level Examples:

  • Exude mesmerising aura

  • Detect the emotions of others

Medium Level Examples:

  • Inability to break eye contact or move away from the caster

  • Enhance / suppress the emotions of others

  • Cause obsession / infatuation

  • Enslave the will of a small animal

Advanced Level Examples:

  • Induce emotions in others / create emotions

  • Cause extreme migraines (too much power used at once, caster or victim)

  • Enslave the will of a large animal

  • Enslave the wills of multiple small animals

Master Level Examples:

  • Enslave the wills of multiple large animals

  • Force the will / suggestions of the caster onto another fawnling

  • Cause insanity (too much power used at once, either the caster or the victim)

Thing they can’t do:

  • Enslave the will of other beings from an especially long distance (without a charm)

  • Control minds directly (can’t eliminate victim’s mind, they are always aware) 

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