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Fawnlings Ahoy!


Drustan | Glenmore Stag | King | Y746NA
Nuala | Glenmore Doe | Princess | Y750NA

Étaín | Windborne Doe | Point Splinter Leader | Y744NA
Rafe | Windborne Colt | Derp | Y758NA

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King Creche Y760NA by TigressDesign
King Creche Y760NA
Choochooooo! Fawntrain coming through!

So since Dru didn't have any new babies this year, I figured I was nuts enough to do THE WHOLE LOT! 8D I expect they are TEENY TINY right there, so download for more detail. Even that file is 50% of the original, so if anyone wants an exported fullsize single version of their baby for whatever reason, let me know! I put on as many accessories as were in the fawn's profiles, but if they're missing anything vital I can add those on for ye :D This is probably one of those "never really happened" scenes, but hey, if every fawn here could visit Dru for a day, I'll submit it as an RP instead of "other art"  :D

Here's everyone, from left to right!:
  1. Prince Vilkas played by Colboltz (Mother: Lady Elara played by Colboltz)

  2. Lady Isabaeu played by athena102 (Mother: Dall played by athena102)

  3. Duke Elodi played by orengel (Mother: Dall played by athena102)

  4. Lady Daenerys played by KatrionaTalnae (Mother: Emmory played by twilght-incantations)

  5. Prince Caeluan played by manicmondays (Mother: Lady Gwenaelle played by Seele-Studio)

  6. Lady Esmae played by MythicalPrancer (Mother: Chiarro played by earthshala)

  7. Lady Orchid played by purpleshadowbooster (Mother: Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster)

  8. Lady Jasmin played by knowitall123 (Mother: Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster)

  9. Lady Neoma played by earthshala (Mother: Lady Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)

  10. Prince Glenór played by DatNachtmaehre (Mother: Lady Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)

  11. Prince Conan played by RusticLass (Mother: Lady Amaniel played by RusticLass)

  12. Princess Aveline played by ChrissyMax (Mother: Princess BóAnn played by fulociraptor)

  13. Duke Dornröschen played by MoonShinersDaughter (Mother: Apiun played by Araylen)

  14. Duke Dubhán played by KinG-FaWn (Mother: Astatine played by Inupait)

  15. Duke Ronan played by Templado (Mother: Luz played by geometric-harmartia)

  16. Duke Brennan played by earthshala (Mother: Chiarro played by earthshala)

  17. Lady Aulwyn played by Forget-Me-Not-Fields (Mother: Tikva played by IthilFaer)

  18. Lady Adraste played by Wild-Catx (Mother: Adrianne played by LiddleCherry)

  19. Crown Prince Raeghan played by IthilFaer (Mother: Princess BóAnn played by fulociraptor)

  20. King Drustan played by ME!

Let me know if anyone has changed hands and I'll update my records :D Alternately if you don't use your Drubaby and are thinking of passing them along to someone, let me know and I can help you find a good home :) Dramatic things are probably on the horizon for Dru and co, so having all Dru's babies and ladies in attendance would be awesome :D

All characters respective to their owners, etcetc!

Glenmorians: Viva la revolution?

Wed Oct 22, 2014, 5:44 AM

So Glenmore is mostly calm again, and just so you know I personally don't have any more EARTH SHATTERING PLANS to instigate with Nu or Dru, but in typical Glenmore fashion I'm sure the peace and quiet won't last for long no matter how hard Dru tries! This is sort of a heads-up journal, with a side-order of research. Nothing is set in stone and this might not even happen, it depends what other characters have planned! If nothing happens, treehugging utopia shall continue.

I know there are a few factions (three or four?) out there plotting against Dru (which is awesome), so in an effort to give those plotters some potential allies and scope out the playing field, I'm putting out some feelers somewhat on their behalf and partially out of my own curiosity. I'd like to hear character and player opinions on potential rebellion, if those characters make a move.

I can't wait to see what plots are about to crawl out of the woodwork (lol tree pun), so if you have a character in Glenmore (or banished from it!) - whether they're a staunch Dru supporter, Dru-hater, or if they even have their OWN plans to start something - comment with the following info, in as much detail as you're willing to give :D Hopefully it should give the plotters (and Dru!) an idea of who would be on which side if rebellion starts:

Character name:
Profile link:
Pro- or Anti-Dru: (what do they think about Dru?)
How they think Glenmore should be: (treehugging utopia, traditional royalist society, CHAOS! etc)
If there was a rebellion they would...: (support Dru, lead the rebellion, join the rebels, run away, etc)
Player comments: (ignoring your character's goals, what do YOU think would be the best or most interesting solution for Glenmore)

For planning purposes it would also be good to know what sort of timeline the plotters are on, so if the plotting factions can give me a clue as to if and when their character might act (here or via note) that would be great <3 I haven't a clue what or when is going on at the moment :dummy: 

Here's the heads-up part... Though this shouldn't be new news...


In Glenmore, a traditional King is strong magically and physically, with good leadership skills and above all, a commanding presence. Just look at him! He's so little and pale and those curls are not manly at all. The only Kingly criteria Dru does fit is his uncanny fertility (infertility would be a decrownable offence for a King) so in the eyes of most Glenmorians Dru's Kingship should be tenuous at best. At least current events have given him some slight credibility, and while he'll never be physically strong, it seems he's not a total magical dud...

Dru's reputation as the 'boyking' has always been persistent (even before he sired any foals) and to start with he wasn't even a good King - though recently he's been working to improve that - so everyone should always have been aware of the potential for him to get dethroned at some point. He can't control everything! If there was enough opposition, he would have to step down. 

It would be powerplaying for me to make him keep the title if it was against all the odds.

Dru's title affects a lot of characters, so it would be great if they could all be involved in whatever happens next! Of course he's trying his darnedest to keep his Kingship and protect his family, but if other plots make it impossible for him to do that then I just wanted to make it clear that Dru no longer being King is a possibility! Don't worry though, Dru wouldn't go down without a fight ;) It's in his very best interests NOT to get dethroned.

This is why I love collaborative RPs though, everyone's character has a chance to make a difference, and these upcoming rebels are next in line to stir up the Kingdom. Whatever happens next in the Glenmore story is going to be exciting for me since my characters will be the ones reacting to major events rather than causing them for once. Hooray!

PS: In more cheerful news, Dru will be attending Seele-Studio's Summer Glenmore Vacation so if your character is interested they should totally sign up!

PPS: You might have heard me mention Dru is potentially open for rut this year, though it depends what happens over summer. If he is available, it will only be to his existing harem, and ONLY if there are genuine feelz. There's also another catch, to be revealed at a later date, but let me know if your doe might approach him during rut and if nothing too diabolical happens over summer then I'd love to set up some individual RPs :D OFFLINE

Fri Oct 17, 2014, 1:40 PM

Just for an hour before I go to the cinema :D Maybe I'll finish these babies...

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