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Fawnlings Ahoy!


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If you were a retina-searing rainbow dinosaur... 

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#007 | Amphitrite | Heavy | Mare by TigressDesign
#007 | Amphitrite | Heavy | Mare
ID: #007
Name: Amphitrite
Meaning: Greek Goddess of the sea 
Nickname: "Amphi"
Stable:  Sleipnir's Rest
Breed: The-SeaSouls by Tattered-Dreams 
DesignSeasoul Imports - #007
Age: 3
Height: 16.3hh (Projected)
Type: Heavy
Colour: Dark Bay
Sea Base: Blue
SoulFish: Axolotl - RARE CLASS
Anomalies: None
Eye Colour: Brown
Gender: Mare
Genotype: MM/EE/Aa/sfRsfR
Bloodlines: N/A: Starter
Personality: A shy but curious young mare, Amphi likes to investigate things unless they flap, flutter, squeak, bang, shout, move or generally make more noise than a speaking voice. She will spook, but calms down quickly unless the threat is persistent. When she’s feeling safe and content, she is a rather docile Soul, and has a habit of lipping at hair, sleeves, or anything non-scary and interesting. She has a weakness for seasalt, and it’s presumed that with a lot of work and bribery, she may be able to overcome or at least control her fear of all things flappy. With other horses, she’s very submissive and easily assumes the role at the bottom of the dominance structure. She can be very cuddly, and enjoys the company of a confident pasturemate. 
The Axolotl - nicknamed Lottie - is equally as shy if not more so, and mirrors Amphi’s moods by hiding when she’s shy (usually under the mane, under the chin or even on the skin of Amphi’s inner nose), and ‘walking’ about on her back and flanks when Amphi is curious or calm. She rarely comes into the mare’s mane or tail unless she’s feeling very brave or very safe.
History: Caught from the wild herds as a yearling with her mother, Amphi’s rare and bizarre Soulfish was the subject of much research though due to her flighty nature, she wasn’t well suited to classroom demonstrations in large crowds. She was much spookier as a young foal, but has come a long way since but still has a way to go. It’s obvious that she needs much more intensive one-to-one treatment than can be provided at the sanctuary with so many other Souls to care for. 
Future: With such grace of movement, careful attention to where she puts her feet and a sensitive mouth, Amphi is an exceptional dressage prospect if her flightiness can be resolved. As she is yet to be backed, other qualities may be revealed as her training starts and her confidence grows.

+5 - reference [this image]
+12 - Amphitrite - Seasoul Auction Bid - Import 007
------ +2 partial body
------ +2 coloured
------ +3 detailed shading
------ +2 simple shaded bg
------ +1 partial handler
------ +2 story 601+ (1185)

TOTAL: 17 IC Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon 
#004 | Poseidon | Heavy | Stallion by TigressDesign
#004 | Poseidon | Heavy | Stallion
ID: #004
Name: Poseidon
Meaning: God of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses
Nickname: “The Don”
Stable:  Sleipnir's Rest
Breed: The-SeaSouls by Tattered-Dreams 
Design Sheet: Seasoul Imports - #004  
Age: 6
Height: 17hh
Type: Heavy
Colour: Bay-based Dapple Grey
Sea Base: Night Blue
SoulFish: Black Phantom Tetra
Anomalies: WaveBrindle [Heterozygous]
Eye Colour: Brown
Gender: Stallion
Genotype: MNm/Ee/AA/Gg/SfSf/nWb
Bloodlines: N/A: Starter
Personality: A very serious stallion, The Don does not play games or do things by halves. He becomes frustrated when learning something new if he isn’t able to pick it up quickly, and becomes stroppy if he’s told off. He responds much better to positive reinforcement, and though he is not the affectionate type, he will demand praise or treats if he’s done something he thinks is worth it. Like most stallions, he does not get on well with other males, though he will tolerate geldings so long as there are no mares around. The only time he is particularly charming is when there’s a mare in the picture, and he will flirt mercilessly and it can be difficult to pull him away if the mare responds. He has a habit of barging when going through doorways or into boxes, so needs some work in this area. He will also nibble pockets if he can smell treats, and has been known to bite holes in things to get at food. He needs a firm handler who is not intimidated by his moods, and can work him to the best of his ability. 
The tetra fish - seemingly knowing there were no repercussions for his behaviour - is bullish and aggressive, and will follow anyone who gets close and warn them off by twisting and catching the light with his reflective blue scales and fanning his fins. When tending to Don’s mane and tail, the tetra will swim into the water and attempt to (ineffectually) bite, and will become indignant when his attempts are ignored. His name changes on a daily basis, though typically it’s some variation on ‘Sharky’, ‘Terror’, or ‘Napoleon’ due to his apparent ‘little man’ complex. 
History: Born in captivity, Don has reportedly always been the less-than-playful type, even as a foal. Whether his pride is because he was pampered, because he feels entitled or simply because he’s a typical stallion is unclear. Either way, Don was a prime example of how a Seasoul stallion could be just as stubborn and majestic as the ocean itself. He was backed at the age of three, and while reluctant to do as he was told at first, he soon learned that he received much more admiration by working well than not at all. Currently he is a budding dressage and driving prospect, and with his willingness to work and forward momentum, he may well be a decent eventer.

+5 - reference [this image]
+13 - Poseidon - Seasoul Auction Bid - Import 004 
------ +3 full body
------ +2 coloured
------ +1 cell shaded
------ +2 full body handler
------ +1 ground handler
------ +1 groundwork training
------ +1 story 100-400 words

TOTAL: 18 IC Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon 
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Thu Nov 6, 2014, 1:10 PM

:iconhexosaurs: :iconfawnlings: :iconthe-seasouls: :iconsnowshoecob: 

Shan't be up for too long (probably, who knows), bring tissues cuz I got the sneezes!

I've updated the Hexosaur 101 Google Doc some more! Feel free to make comments and suggestions on everything! YAY!

Looking for LOTS of suggestions for spells! Go ahead and add suggestions, or dump longer comments/questions anywhere in the doc!

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Percival by TigressDesign
I bet you always sat and wondered, "Hey, I wonder what parasaurolophus walkari looks like in blue, yellow and orange? And I bet he'd look darned fabulous with a peacock shoulder ruff!"

Well, now you don't need to wonder any more...

:iconhexosaurs: Coming soon to a colour palette near you!

This is Percival, an example of a blue yellow and orange parasaurolophus walkari hexosaur! His hobbies include dancing the tango, setting off firecrackers, and making ice cubes for his martinis - shaken not stirred. 


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BVS-Isle Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Happy late bday :heart:, I hope you had a wonderful bday.
TigressDesign Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :D 
DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Psst Tiggs I found Nuala in real life…

all complete with fawn markings
TigressDesign Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, WOW! That's uncanny :D
DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Was browsing for deer pics to get inspiration for fawnlings and stumbled of this. My first thought was OMG it's Nuala! She's real.
Well baby Nuala without all the feathery feathers. XD

btw I saw something funny I wanne draw. Do you mind if I borrow Dru for it? He would fit so perfectly. xD
TigressDesign Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Go for it :D 
SweetLittleVampire Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just gonna leave this here...

TigressDesign Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:la: Thisisawesome!
SweetLittleVampire Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MoonShinersDaughter Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Fawnling/Harry Potter cross-over AU where the herds are Hogwarts Houses and Blackwood is Azkaban =D

"You're a Wizard, Drustan."magic stare 
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