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Featuring Drustan & Scarlet

Mentioning Gwenaelle, Brennan and Others
Spring, Year 762 of the New Age
Glenmore, Gwen’s Grave


“Good morning, Sunshine,” the sable stag said with a sad smile, looking down on the small mound, and the arrangements of rocks that marked it as a royal’s grave. “The boys are doing well. Bó says they’re feeding well, and if they keep it up they’ll be big and strong in no time. Fae is due soon, she’ll be able to help, I’m sure.” He glanced to two much smaller graves not too far from Gwen’s, one marked as a duke’s and the other marked as a Prince’s. BóAnn only had enough milk for the twins because they had no other fawn to share it with, both a blessing and a curse.

Hanging his head low, he looked away from the smaller graves and back to Gwen’s. “They’re starting to play. Aveline is trying to teach them about butterflies but mostly they just want to chase them. I think she might be encouraging to lick slugs but I’ve yet to catch her at it.”

He sighed, his tone saddening. It had been half a dozen days since the golden doe’s death, and though the initial pain was fading, he did not think he would ever stop missing her. He still missed Brennan. “I wish you were here,” he whispered. “... I miss you.”

The solemn stag fell silent, simply standing by the grave. Tears did not come - he had spent so many he wasn’t sure he had any left - but there was no mistaking the loss that he felt written into his every feature.


It had been a matter of simply avoiding the place for her. Not because she had some tiny hope that the grave would be empty, but because she didn’t want to see the sight again. Surely a grave for a lady would be different from one for a commoner, but they would share the same content; a loved one. A golden friend with an easy mind that she shouldn’t actually love, everything considered, yet did. A friend who, despite being so different from herself, had become someone she held so dearly.

Yet, despite that she was almost there. She could have avoided it for longer, postponed the pain that would inevitably come, but giving it time to grow would only make it that much harder and hurtful when she finally did do it. It didn’t make it easy though; she had stopped more times than she cared to count and wanted to turn around, go back, every single time. Despite that she had come closer and closer until she had ducked under that one branch, expecting the place to be empty due to the hour, but finding that it was not.

The scarlet doe froze on the spot, the branch digging into her neck. Drustan was standing in front of the grave, talking to it. She recognized the tone he used; she had used it herself back then. Biting the innerside of her lip she forced herself to stay silent and kept her eyes dry as she had a relapse of wanting to turn back; she had an excuse now, an escape. If she did it though, then she would not be able to return to here again. She had used all that she had to get here; she had to do it now or she would never be able to.

She didn’t want to interrupt his sacred time, for he was surely mourning as much as her at least, but she wished to be here too and had to allow herself to show that weakness for once. She waited till he fell silent before making her move though. Stepping into the grass she gently let her magic flow so that it could speak for her when her own voice would only fail her.

A single vine would sprout and gently curl, letting the sable stag know that he was not alone.


His dry emerald eyes flicked to the movement between his forefeet, and the corner of his mouth twitched in the ghost of a smile. He would recognise those vines anywhere. At least for once they were not trying to tangle his legs.

Drawing a deep breath, he lifted his head and turned. Sure enough, the red doe stood not far away, a somewhat hesitant expression on her face. Ignoring the restrained habit he usually favoured around her - he knew how she detested him sharing her personal space - he quietly walked over. Whatever protest she might have, he was deaf to it, and he draped his head over her neck in a firm embrace.

It didn’t mean anything other than what it was. He needed comfort, and she needed comfort. Feeling alone was something he didn’t think either of them really needed. Regardless of how standoffish she could be, and how often she’d pushed him away, there was no reason she didn’t need a hug just as much as he did.

“I’m sorry, Scarlet,” he murmured, not letting go, “I’m so sorry.”


A few days ago she would have pushed him off, made him go away or gone away herself. A few days ago they weren’t mourning, so whatever she would have done back then didn’t really matter now. It did not mean she leaned into his embrace or returned it though, for she was still who she was. She was still the doe refusing to do such an act of friendship and care; well, refusing when it came to everyone besides those chosen few. The sable stag was not amongst them. However she did not lean away either, did not make the smallest protest. Instead she simply stood there, her body frozen up ever so slightly. It wasn’t what she had wanted, but it was what she had needed.

She heard him murmur, but she did not return it. Her voice would still falter her if she tried to say anything and if her strongest asset first caved in, then she would not be able to hold things in.
Slowly, but surely, she fell into his embrace though. She softened up, even if she still did not lean into it. As soon as it happened it seemed to be more than she could bear though; more forcefully than intended she strode forward, making her way out of his embrace, no matter if he made an attempt to keep her in it or not. She could only hope that he understood that it had nothing to do with him, but simply with how she dealt with things. She was an open found in these times; it was good to hold, but do it just a bit too tight and it would hurt too much.

The scarlet doe stopped in front of the grave marked with stones. There was a bit of decoration here and there, but it felt void to her. She might lay here, but this wasn’t her place. It didn’t have her life, her childish excitement and wondrous way to look at the world.

It didn’t even have a garden phlox.


Any other time he might have been pleased that she at least let him steal a hug, but his mind was on Gwen, too full of grief to be thinking about joy. She did pull away after a short time, but he did not protest. He let out a heavy breath that might have been a sigh, and he turned to stand beside her at the grave.

Leaning down he gently nudged one of the stones back into position by a matter of millimeters. He could easily use his magic to settle the soil underneath it, but there was nothing else he could think of that would be worse on concentrating on the ground that buried his golden mate. He’d already buried her, he did not want to remember the feeling of pushing soil over her body.

He shivered as the memory came back regardless, and he shifted his weight closer to Scarlet. At least if she complained he was too close it would give him something else to think about.

“I didn’t want her to feel alone,” he muttered, antlerless head hanging, eyes never leaving the mound of soil. “I hope... I hope she isn’t alone. I hope she found Brennan... and Orik.” He glanced briefly to the other graves. With a family as large as his own, one might think he wouldn’t notice as much when one of them was gone. But in actual fact it just meant he had more to lose, and with each of these three deaths he’d lost a part of his heart with each one.


The doe looked in silence as the sable stag pushed repositioned the stone. As he spoke of hoping that she had found Brennan and Orik, her eyes wandered for a moment to the other graves. She had never come to know Brennan, so she felt no sadness at his death besides that of sympathy for the others. He had been a loved fawn as far as she had come to understand, even if he had been somewhat sickly. Orik was the same case for her; sympathy for those who grieved him, but she felt void of emotion when it came to his death and was to a degree confused as to why the loss was grieved as it was. It was sad to lose a fawn, she couldn’t deny that, but no one had ever known Orik. He had never taken a breath, never made his first bleat, never done anything. He had been dead from the beginning, so how could they really be sad?

“I don’t think anyone is alone after they join the king in the sky,” she said quietly, forcefully keeping her voice from trembling. She returned her focus to the largest grave for a moment. Her eyes then wandered to the sky before she shook her head; if he really had a kingdom up there like her mother had said he had, which could hold all those whom had died, then one could only wonder why he didn’t just bring everyone up there and let them forgo all the suffering in their own kingdom.

Whether her friend had found company in the heavens or not, did not change that her grave was without the splendid it deserved. She could have asked him, could have taken him into council as to what should adorn the grave of the golden doe, but she didn’t. If she wished to gift her friend something, even when she was dead, then it was up to her to choose what she wanted to give. Taking a step forward she let her magic flow without saying a word. It wiggled through the earth, sending shoots and buds up through the ground. Some grew tall, others stayed low to the ground. Some sprouted colourful flowers, while other let their leaves unfold to give them a lush, green background. A few brought sweet scents to the area, but most simply lightened it up like the golden doe could light up the day.

It wasn’t perfect, far from, but at least it was something.


Simply watching the pensive doe, he could only guess what she was thinking. She was difficult to read at the best of times, but it was obvious that she missed Gwen too. There was a disturbance of magic in the earth, and the sable stag dropped his gaze to watch the flowers bloom. He could feel her magic work, forming the flowers and leaves, but he struggled to understand how she did it. He never had been able to produce flowers reliably, or work with any genery in general, yet most Glenmores had a knack for it yet not for soil and stone.

“She would have liked these, Scarlet.” The stag smiled sadly at the display, put one hoof at the foot of the grave and managed to will one single flower into existence - a dandelion - the only magic he could manage until he discovered the art of forming soil and stone a few years ago. “I never could grow flowers like the rest,” he murmured. “Things are changing, but in times like these my magic does not create anything beautiful and tender to bring a smile to anyone’s face. In times like this, sometimes I feel all my magic is good for is burying those I love.” He added, staring blankly at the beautiful array of flowers that now adorned Gwenaelle’s final resting place.


“I know…” she said quietly and with an absent mind; it was more a reflex than a thought-through response. She simply stared at the flowers, waiting as if something magnificent would happen if she simply stared long enough. As always nothing did though; nothing changed and instead her eyes grew tired. They started to burn, both from straining of the stare and from the emotions she locked within. She should just cry, she knew that, but that didn’t make it any easier. She might have cried had he not been there, although there was no reason for her to hide it from him; he had seen her at her worst, her weakest, and had asked her not to bear the weight of everything and share it with others instead. If there was anyone she should cry in the presence of, then it was him, yet she still held them back and simply blinked the pain away.

As he spoke again her head jolted just a tiny bit in weird surprise. In some way she hadn’t expected him to say more. She listened though and found that she turned her attention to him. “Beauty is relative.” She wasn’t entirely sure why that mattered. “And in times like these, we don’t need beauty and smiles as much as we might think… we need strength and unity…”

Closing her eyes, she turned her head away and let her focus fall back on the flowers… let it fall back on staring. She stayed silent for a few moments, before she then suddenly spoke; it almost surprised herself. “But… if you want to make beauty, then… then…” She sighed; she could debate her heart out, but she couldn’t soothe others’ with words. “There’s room for more. I… I can try and guide you or… or… you can make some of it last… I don’t know…”


The stag simply nodded, not knowing the words. He wanted nothing more than to give Gwen a final gift, that wasn’t her grave. His emerald eyes looked to Scarlet, hope and loss in equal measures shining there. “Show me,” he murmured, summoning his magic and gently offering it to her like an outstretched muzzle.

He’d never shared his magic this way with anyone except his princesses, and he wasn’t sure what to expect. Scarlet had no light, his magic wasn’t drawn to her, but he could still feel something. He wondered for a moment if she would respond - he knew from experience how close you felt to the other when you combined magic - and Scarlet was not the sort to initiate contact. The fact she had offered still stunned him, but he knew not to question it.

The twining of magic was like the twining of tails, being able to feel the other so close yet still being your own entity. It was intimate in a way, and a sign of trust. If she were so inclined she could take the proffered magic and use it against him before he could react. She was faster with her magic than him, and had proven before that she would not hesitate to use it if he broached the barrier she’d set up around herself. But he trusted her, he pushed his magic close enough to hers to touch it, and the sensation was surprising. It was green, tangled and strong like vines, not anything the soft almost water-like light magic of the princesses.

She had strength in the plants around them, in the vines and the flowers, and he wished he could spend hours looking through her depths but they had a purpose. He hoped she would not shy away, as she had pulled away from his physical embrace earlier, but perhaps she would see the trust he put in her and extend it to him.


Her ear closest to him flicked in response to his words, showing that she heard him. She said nothing though, finding no need; she had offered and he had taken. If he gave something back, then it would only be natural to accept it.

Entwining her magic with another one’s was not something completely new for the red doe; she had stretched it out to help Isobell in the past and had in the past year let her magic guide Dorn’s. However that had been different. Neither were strong in magic, so she could push and drag as she deemed fit, keeping them close, yet also at the distance she felt comfortable with. If needed she could push them off and take over or drag them along, letting them feel the experience without really having to do anyone. She could not do that with him and she knew it.

Yet she still committed to it before her mind had its word on the matter.

Tentatively at first she reached out for his magic and found barren stones where she expected fertile soil; his magic was heavy, so much unlike the frail one of Isobell or the blossoming of Dorn. It confused her, but she stood by it regardless and attempted to guide it. She could not use her vines and roots to give support when hardly nothing could grow, so at first it became a panicked attempt at molding his magic instead. However she found only unwanted results; she could crush the stones, make them to dust, but she could not force them into the shape of a flower and so she quickly retreated, fearing what could happen if she pushed too far.

Holding only the frailest of connections she pondered what to do and found only one answer; she would have to dig into his magic and uncover what had been hidden so long ago. She did not wish to do it, she did not even know if he did, but some things you had to do for the right person… for the right friend.

Reaching out again, she let her vines dig into the stones, searching for what had to be underneath. It was an careful act, a gentle search, and soon she reached what she sought to find: the ground that had given life to dandelions but nothing more. After that it became a soft, yet forceful, act of pushing away the stones and keeping them away so that an opening was made; one which could give life to so much more. It would only keep open for as long as she kept it that way, but it should be more than enough.

Whether it was flowers he wanted Gwen to have or simply whatever he could come up with, the scarlet doe could not tell, she only knew it was none of her doing when more flowers bloomed on the grave in front of them. They grew larger and stronger, colourful and sweet-smelling, for every moment. Eventually a little dandelion showed itself too and she could not help but think that that one might not have been intended.

And only now, when she had to do nothing but hold, did she feel the closeness, the trust and intimacy she usually strayed from, and for once she found that she did not actually mind.


It was a curious sensation, her magic was like a fawn trying to push and harry him along but met with a weight she could not hope to shift alone. Trying to guess at what she wanted, he moved his magic in the direction she was suggesting but it felt strange and uneasy, like taking a path he had never set foot on and wasn’t entirely sure where it came out.

Her persistence paid off when she found a gap in his magic and worried her way inside to dig out what she wanted. Suddenly he felt not just the soil and stone, but the life of the plants before him. Gasping, he worked with her as they nurtured and encouraged the blooms, growing and strengthening them, together.

His senses were full of the sight and scent of flowers, and when Scarlet ceased needing to guide him, he took a deep breath and held onto the memory of what they had accomplished. He hoped the long-buried magic she had unearthed would remain. Flowers and blooms were not useful as a King, but as a father and mate they were one of the most important tools towards happiness. “Rest in peace, Sunshine,” he murmured.

Drustan slowly released his magic, letting it fade back inside him, and gently unfurled it from Scarlet’s. For once, he noted, he was the first to pull away. He opened his eyes and set them on the russet doe with a contented smile. “Thank you, Scarlet,” he bowed his head, glancing to her feet. With more concentration that he dared admit to, he summoned just a little power and shaped the thought of it into a bloom. To his surprise, it worked, and a small scarlet flower on a green vine emerged from the soil and curled at her forehooves. Huffing, he hadn’t a clue what the name of the plant was, but it seemed to suit her.


There was no resistance when he withdrew his magic, but neither was there the feeling of it being pushed away, for Scarlet felt content. It hadn’t overwhelmed her, but neither was she left feeling empty and thus she did not cling to the feeling. In the back of her mind there even was a tiny thought about how she wouldn’t mind trying to guide him again.

At first she did not notice the small flower, as she now looked at the blossoming grave, but soon she sensed it. Perhaps because she had just touched his magic or simply because she was somewhat sensitive to other using magic around her; regardless it ended in her looking down at her hooves. At first she couldn’t figure out what it was, but the moment it flowered she knew; it was a tiny scarlet mosmer, the very plant she was named after. It brought back memories, for as much as she was named after it, it was the flower of her parents.

Looking back at him, she smiled weakly, but sincerely. “Thank you too, Drustan,” she said, fighting a knot in her throat, which had been brought on by… well… everything really. She was finally letting go and having already thrown caution to the wind once, she decided she could do it again. She no longer had a reason not just do it and so, with a slightly sudden move, she was the one to initiate an embrace and found herself leaning into it ever so lightly. Finally she was accepting that as much as she wanted to deny it, she did need his support, regardless of how much she might have loathed the thought in the past.

He might not have meant to grow it and he definitely didn’t know the meaning of it, but it did not lessen what it meant to her.
A collab with Ettid, in which Dru and Scarlet are sad and magical. 

Tag Seele-Studio and earthbutt and fulociraptor for liberal mention of your characters. And decors, because Drrp will be proud his lessons are taking effect. 

Scarlet by Ettid
Dru by me!
101 deviations

Haven: A shining new era...

Sat Jun 13, 2015, 6:15 AM

:new: I've added a list of successful, pending and unsuccessful applicants! Please see below to see where your character is. 

.., is tiptoeing nearer.
So where to we feature?

Well that depends!

Wannabe Kings:
See the new group announcement journal if your character wants to be King! Dru haters will soon get a chance to choose their champion, but for now this journal is for planning and refining the idea of Haven, and working out who is and can come along!

Lovers only beyond this point:


"Haven" is the name adopted by the upcoming Glenmore Splinter Herd. Fake King Drustan will be leaving the main herd in Autumn (pending undefined drama), and taking his family to the highlands near Loch Kerr. They will fortify a place to live, and gradually build a beautiful Haven out of reach of the nasty haters. 

Dru and co will use their magic to build stone dens and shelters in the mountainside, and grow enough food for everyone. It will be ruddy cold in Winter but they're used to snuggling up nice and close :heart:

The society will mostly form itself, presumably with Dru as somewhat of a leader, with his sons and brave does becoming protectors, and the rest becoming gardeners and homemakers. 

Comments, suggestions etc all welcome so we can flesh this out into a good starting point.

Joining Haven

Before you Glenmorians get too excited, to start with only Dru's family members and a select few family friends will be able to join.

This is to prevent a mass exodus of the main herd and make it a more realistic number to be able to survive when first building Haven. There will be opportunities in the future for like-minded supporters to join, but not for a few in-game years. 

Dru will turn away all comers from the gates, and use force if any haters happen to find them.

To log your character as joining Dru, complete the form below. Your character can pull out at any time, this is to just give us an idea of numbers.

Please note: Filling in the form does not guarantee your character a place in the herd. "Other" relations will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Only those that would suffer mortal peril if they stayed behind will be considered! There will be opportunities to join later when the herd has a safe home and enough food.

Click here to apply for Haven!

If your character is a relation to Dru and ISN'T coming, please leave a comment!

Haven Applicants :new:

Here are the applicants and where they stand so far!

Confirmed Havenites

These guys and gals have applied to come to Haven and have passed any entry requirements!

Mates and Fawn - Unknown Status

These guys and gals haven't yet responded, so if they would like to come please let me know!

Others - Pending Entry

These guys are possible entrants, but need proof of loyalty and friendship to the family in order to be welcomed by Dru. If your character is on this list, please provide TWO collab RPs of your character showing their relationship with Dru or one of his mates/fawns, dated before today (July 4th 2015). If your character is indented under another, they can come without proving the above if the adult or related character shows proof of loyalty. If your character doesn't meet the criteria currently, they can still join at a later date :)

Confirmed Not-Coming

Just for my records, a list of Dru-family that have opted not to come.

Featuring King Drustan, Crown Prince Raeghan, Duke Dubhán, Duke Dornröschen

Late Winter, Year 758 of the New Age
Sunset Hill, Glenmore


By late winter, Drustan wanted one of two things. No snow, or more snow. The well travelled parts of the Glenwood were packed hard with ice, and brown with mud, making the Kingdom slippery and murky. When he woke to a fresh blanket of snow, making the Kingdom fresh and beautiful again, he couldn’t help but smile.

Today was the day after the new moon, the day he’d set aside to spend with his yearling fawns while their mothers took a well earned rest. He and a couple of humourless guards had escorted the boisterous younglings to an open hill where the snow was deep in drifts in places and flat for racing in others. The gentle slope was one of Drustan’s own favourite placed to play when he was young, and he loved to take his fawns there. The day was bright and windless, perfect!


The dark prince had woken next to his parents that morning to find a new blanket of snow. He cuddled in a little deeper, not sure he wanted to go out into the cold wonderland outside. But his father had urged him out into the cold, telling him that he had something exciting planned. Raeghan had to jump to get through the thick drifts of fluffy snow that were up to about his knees, making it difficult to keep up to his father's easy loping pace. But he managed.

As they came to the spot, he looked down and saw a steep slope, all slick and white with the new fallen snow. He looked over to his father, who was grinning around at the group of fawns that had followed him like a procession out to this place. Raeghan shivered, his breath coming like a cloud of mist from his nostrils, but managed a small smile. His many brothers and sisters all seemed a little unsure what to do, waiting for the gentle guidance that was often given to them to direct them on what to do.

Raeghan moved a little closer to his father, glancing over towards the edge of the slope. "What now?" He asked softly, moving his legs so they wouldn't get too cold in the snow.


The morning was white. And also oddly new and welcoming when Dubhán quickly stepped outside from under the bushes where he and his mother slept every night. Astatine had woken him early that morning. Apparently his father - The King - was waiting for him.

He couldn’t believe his ears at first but immediately rushed outside to see if this was true, regardless of the cold. Eyes wide and curious he stared in awe at his father and siblings. And then he snapped out of his odd trance and quickly became the cheeky young’un everyone knew him for.

He did his best, ‘’prancing’’ along, proudly showing that he was one of the bigger fawns and secretly mocked Raeghan, who was having a harder time in the deep snow. As they arrived at their destination, Dubhán turned his head sideways at the look of the steep, white slope. Drustan was grinning at them. At first he didn’t know what to make of it all...but then he heard Raeghan ask: ‘’What now?’’.

He looked around. Everyone was just standing there. He frowned and then took over. He nudged one of his brothers playfully and slid right in! By no means was he shy and at times a hand full. Nevermind a little too adventurous. Face first he struggled to his feet, shaking the snow off of him. ‘’Come on, it’s fun!’’ he yelled, trying to ignore the cold ice around him. He was also a little dizzy...but that did not stop the cheeky, charismatic little colt!


When the familial procession entered the clearing- Drustan and all- Dorn was surprised. His mother told him that his father might be coming for him today, but he’d been more than a little skeptical. Drustan was king, and had no time to be gallivanting off with his foals with winter as cold as it was, and his magic needed to help the kingdom. But seeing the entourage before him, the dark colt changed his mind, proudly trotting to greet his father.

He saw, to his surprise, the Crown Prince among the gaggle, and fell into step beside Sir Dubhán. So this was a family outing. He wished his mother a loving goodbye before they were on parade again, marvelling at the snow and prancing among the legs of the stoic guards.

Their march took them through the barren woods a little ways, across patches of new, white snow. Dorn was happy that he wasn’t the only fawn who wanted to make his own path across snow when an untouched covering was come across.

But the true majesty of the wintery world was the steep slope their father lead them to. The king looked over the hill fondly before turning to his little herd with a grin spreading across his face. He heard Raeghan ask something before Dubhán exploded beside him, leaping towards the slope hooves-first.

Dorn watched as some of the other foals followed before he gave a whoop and eagerly leapt after them, not about to be left behind, even if he was the ‘baby’ of the group.


The young king surveyed the scene, casting a mischievous glance to his sons. “Now, my son, we race,” And with a laugh he launched out of the knee-deep snow from a standing start and started leaping down the embankment. “The last one to the bottom has to lick a slug!” He called over his shoulder to the two black colts as he passed them. The guards behind the troop seems dismayed, but decided that standing at the top of the hill and watching the wintery festivities was as much as they would partake.

The snow was thick on the decline, deep enough for Drustan to sink up to his chest. The yearlings would be floundering but the snow was powder-soft and even if they fell the whole way they would have a injury-free landing. Drustan however was having a harder time, his full grown weight hindering more than helping him, as for every landing he had to make another leap to clear himself from the snowy blanket. At this rate, he realised as he ploughed his way out of another drift, he would be the one licking a slug!


The fawn prince’s reactions kicked in, and he immediately darted after his father. He had seen slugs around, and they certainly didn’t look like anything he’d want to lick, which only encouraged him. He was small and light; he barely sunk in as he bounded through the snow. Halfway down the hill his hoof caught on something, likely a bush...


At first he couldn’t believe his eyes…

His father - the KING - had just joined them! Playful and full of energy, leaping across the snow - making his way down the slope. He was clearly struggling a bit but that did not stop him from having fun with them! Suddenly, Dubhán had gained a new kind of respect for his father. He was not the cold, royally-royal, uppity and loveless stag that Dubhán thought him to be…

He laughed again as he saw his favourite-of-all-brother, Dorn, also now running and leaping towards him! ‘’Dorn!! I’m going to beat ya!’’

Dubhán giggled with delight and kicked his feet as high as he could without catching himself off-balance. He darted, with caution, after his father. Drustan  was still making his way over and through the deep-deep snow when Dubhán caught up.

‘’Faster, Dad!’’ Usually, he wouldn’t dare referring to his father so informally. But he couldn’t help it. He didn’t mind. He was in his element! Dubhán turned his head to see Dorn right behind him and almost tripped as one of his front feet went into the snow a little TOO far.

He quickly pulled it out but by that time Drustan and Dorn was a little ahead of him. He looked back up the hill and saw Raeghan, who had tripped. He frowned and turned to follow his father again. But something deep inside of him made him stop. He sighed. Although he would like to see Raeghan eat a slug - he couldn’t get himself to leave him behind.

Dubhán trotted and danced and climbed his way back. It didn’t take him long - although tall he was slender and quick on his feet.

‘’Come on. We’re already last! Let’s go! Unless YOU want to eat the slug!’’ he smirked. With that he turned around again and darted down the slope.
King Creche - Winter Wonderland
Oooooh this one's even older! Dru and the big boys play around in the snow like derps. Also unfinished, but needed posting! Thanks for the RP guys!

Han - IthilFaer 
Dub - KinG-FaWn 
Dorn - MoonShinersDaughter 

Featuring King Drustan, Lady Daenerys, Dall, Prince Càeluan & Duke Elodi

Spring, Year 759 of the New Age
Remains of the Great Oak, Glenmore

King Drustan

Once the sight had filled him with dread and sorrow, but the petrified skeleton of the fallen Oak was a reminder now for everything he strived for. Even some of his fawns had stopped fearing the ruined monolith, and he played with them now in the woody maze.

He trotted between the twisted branches and portions of shattered trunks, the chill morning dew still clinging to the grass and dampening his ankles. The day was shaping up to be a gentle one, with the sun rising above the forest and casting long shadows across the new spring growth.

He stopped and peered under a branch, snorting when he found the hiding spot empty. Crafty little fawns! He was sure there was one around here somewhere...

Lady Daenerys

It had been a while since the golden fawn had visited her favorite place in the Glenmore Herds territory and now that she was tucked quietly away in the hollow remains of the Great Oak, she wondered why she was avoiding the place lately. Maybe it was because of the sadness that seemed to cling to the shattered and charred tree, or maybe it was because she was terrified of what would happen if Óganach decided to show his rage once more. Fire scared her. Either way, she was no longer afraid of Óganach’s former resting place. She even wondered if he would ever return to them. She was saddened that she had never gotten the chance to lay beneath The Great Oak’s branches and rest within its shade, or even feel connected to their father. She dreamed that one day the Oak would grow again and her own foals would see Óganach once more.

The thought of her dream made the filly smile softly to herself, however, as hoof steps sounded close by, she drew her mind back to the game of Hide and Seek that her and a few of her half siblings were playing with their father, King Drustan. Laying her head down and holding her tiny body still, she held her breath and hoped he would not see her.


The great oak had been a favorite of Dall’s since she had seen it for the first time a year previous. Yet since getting pregnant with the king's twins, she had not seen the great bloom of nature. The twins were born and relatively healthy. They had rested and now she wanted to show her babies her favorite place in the kingdom.

She was determined they were not scared by her tarnished name. They were sure to feel the power of the oak as she had. Her milky eyes payed off when it came to teaching her foals; they would become one with their surroundings.  

"Mother,  I don't think this is right." Her baby girl tried to warn her but Dall already knew. She began to quietly cry as she felt the sorrow in the air. "No, baby, it isn't. Im sorry. Go play with your brother." And with that Dall had the privacy to mourn the tree.

Prince Càeluan

He stood under the shadow of the Great Oak’s remains, his head tilted and eyes focused on the scattered pieces, some charred, some simply… splintered. Fascinated by it all he didn’t hear anyone around him. He stepped closer to it, his body devoured by the shadows so that he looked darker than the sooty buckskin he really was. Tiny pink hooves scrambled over the rough bark of a branch and he squirmed under another, pushing his way inside the tree until- well until he got stuck.

Grumping he glared back at his rump, protruding from the outside of the two branches, and twitched his long, curl-hair tipped tail at the annoying tree. He wanted to explore inside of it! Bracing his pink fore legs against the wood he pushed and grunted to no avail. He was stuck and unless his momma came by, or someone came by, he was going to stay that way because he didn’t know how to start going backwards. With a heavy sigh Càe resigned himself to his current fate, tail twitching slowly as he hung there. His half-white, half dappled-gold hindquarters drooping from the front of the tree branches.

King Drustan

Tracks led this way and that, and Drustan would never admit it, but it was surprisingly hard to beat his children at a game of hide and seek. Except when they left their tails dangling out of their hiding spot. The tell-tale quiff of pale creamy hair gave away the hiding place of his daughter Dae. She’d chosen a spot few of the fawns dared hide in, and he himself felt a tinge of trepidation. She lay in Óganach’s old resting place, his grave. He shook off the shiver. No, the Tree was no longer Óganach’s home. The little filly had never known His presence.

Pretending as if he had not seen her to prolong the game, he resumed his ‘search’. He came almost within one stride of her, when something else caught his attention, and he couldn’t help but bark with laughter. The unmistakable white-mottled rump of his bizarrely-coloured son, Càeluan, hung in the crook of two sturdy fallen branches. “Well, I think we need to work on your definition of ‘hidden’, young Prince,” he chuckled as he approached. “Alright, lets get you out of there,” he considered the colt’s position, and then lowered his head and nosed under his hind legs. The plan was to lift them both up so the colt could go the rest of the way over the branch, and then find his way back out.

Lady Daenarys

Hearing her brother’s grumpy huff, Dae raised her gaze up to look at him. He’d tried crawling into her hiding place, and gotten himself stuck. She watched him dangle there helplessly, to afraid to move in case she was caught. Offering him a small, shy smile, she flicked her ears at him in greeting. Despite knowing her siblings, the golden doe seemed just as much shy with them as she was with others. So far the only two members of the herd she wasn’t shy with was King Drustan and Emmory.

As hoofsteps came closer she hunkered down even more, flattening her ears along her neck. However, instead of stopping near her they moved on, followed by Dru’s amused tone. This time the young doe couldn’t help but giggle slightly. Even their father found little Càe’s predicament funny. As Dru started helping Càe up and over the branches edge, she realized she was much in danger of being fallen on. Scampering backwards, she bumped her rump on the opposite side of the trunk before dancing out of the great Oak’s remains. “Don’t land on me!” she squealed in alarm.

Duke Elodi

Elodi frowned slightly, laying his ears flat against his neck as he felt his sister's imperceptible shivering against his side. He looked to her with a questioning sound - what was wrong, why didn't he feel anything? - however her face was tight and upset, so with a last lingering look between his mother and the tree that seemed to be causing both of them such discomfort, he began to nudge and bump Beau along, trying to get her away so she would be happy again.
As he was about to step on a twig, he suddenly heard a shrill voice crying out. And he himself let out an alarmed yelp, jumping back from the talking twig. Heart racing, he stared at it cautiously - not seeming to realise the sound had actually come from the tree beside him.

Prince Càeluan

He smiled back at Dru, wiggling and swishing his fluffy, curly tail at his father. The goofiest grin plasted across his white face, his pink nose wrinkled. He giggled. He actually giggled, but then Cae didn’t know boys didn’t giggle. When Dru lifted his legs up and over he made a soft grunt, wiggled and slid down the otherside of the tree branch with a soft ‘oof!’ Landing in a heap he grinned at Daenerys, “I wouldn’t land on you.” he assured her, as though it mattered after the fact. He wouldn’t, if she hadn’t squeaked and gotten out of the way he’d have find another direction to slide- or tried to.

“I’m Cae!” his full name, quite a mouthful, left him tongue tied and he didn’t want to look stupid. This was his family. He lurched to his feet and grinned at her broadly, his blue and brown-blue eyes twinkling madly. “C’mon,” he whispered in hushed, conspiratory tones, “Lets go hide deeper. I bet they don’t find us in there.” he twitched oversized ears to the darker, deeper parts of the fallen tree limb-maze.
King Creche - Hide and Seek
Ooooh this is old :D Was just searching through my docs and found this, and even though it's not finished it's a nice seeing Dru with his kids for once! Thanks for RPing with me guys <33

Danny - KatrionaTalnae 
Cae - fishiefawns 
Elodi - orengel 
Dall - athena102 


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