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Fawnlings Ahoy!



Glenmore Stag | Haven Leader | Y746NA [Slot 1]

Glenmore Colt | Tainted Commoner | Y758NA [Slot 2]

Glenmore Doe | Potato Princess | Y750NA [Slot 3]

Glenmore Doe | Royal | Y747NA [Slot 4]


Windborne Doe | Allied Herds General | Y744NA [Xmas 2013]

Windborne Colt | Derp | Y758NA [Slot 5]


Oakfern Stag | Retired Shaman | Y736NA [Slot 6]

Fetus Pie
Oakfern Filly | Fetus | Y763NA [Slot 7]


Silverthorne Filly | Squiffy Troublemaker | Y759NA [Slot 8]

Silverthorne Colt | Demon Fish Spawn | Y760NA [Slot 9]


Ivan | Blackwood Stag | Necromancer | Y743NA [Xmas 2014]

Spare 10th Slot :ohnoes:

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Found a Fuzz by TigressDesign
Found a Fuzz
Baby Tarula found a poor baby fuzz who floppled out of her nest. Better give it a sniff! Maybe they can make friends and conquer the world.

October makes me feel Snjorriry

ID915 | Tarula with Lilya A-35

Drustan | Stag | Leader of Haven by TigressDesign
Drustan | Stag | Leader of Haven
:new: NEW REF! And fingers crossed added all his recent RPs too :D

:bulletred: Dru is CLOSED for breeding! He will only breed with his harem does :bulletred:

Basic Information

Name: King Drustan "Dru"
Gender: Stag
Age: 17 - Year 746
Height: 11hh
Build: Light-Medium
Phenotype: Sable Cream Champagne
Genotype: Ee/Ata/nCh/nCr/Fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Green
Design Sheet: Gifted (no official sheet)
Antler Ref:
Dru's Antler Ref by TigressDesign
Original Reference: Foxxit's Ref

Bloodline: Glenmore
Sire: Ragnar the Red (NPC stag - deceased)
Dam: Roísín (NPC doe - deceased)
Half-Bros: Donnaghán and Lonán

  1. Princess BóAnn played by fulociraptor
  2. Adrianne played by LiddleCherry
  3. Tikva played by Teair
  4. Chiarro played by sasakious 
  5. Luz played by geometric-harmartia
  6. Astatine played by Inupait
  7. Apiun played by MoonShinersDaughter 
  8. Lady Amaniel played by RusticLass
  9. Lady Fae played by DatNachtmaehre
  10. Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster
  11. Lady Gwenaelle played by Seele-Studio DECEASED (Spring 762, Childbirth)
  12. Emmory played by twilght-incantations
  13. Dall played by athena102
  14. Lady Elara played by Vaerii
  15. Princess Fenella played by decors
  16. Scarlet played by Ettid (JUST FRIENDS OKAY!?)

Spring-Summer 758
  1. Raeghan played by IthilFaer (BóAnn played by fulociraptor)
  2. Adraste played by Wild-Catx (Adrianne played by LiddleCherry)
  3. Aulwyn played by Nixxyi  (Tikva played by Teair)
  4. Brennan played by earthbae (Chiarro played by sasakious) DECEASED (Late Winter 760, Pneumonia)
  5. Ronan played by geometric-harmartia (Luz played by geometric-harmartia)
  6. Dubhán played by TigressDesign (Astatine played by Inupait)
  7. Dornröschen played by MoonShinersDaughter (Apiun played by Araylen)
Spring 759
  1. Aveline played by ChrissyMax (BóAnn played by fulociraptor)
  2. Conan played by Dyrin (Amaniel played by RusticLass)
  3. Glenór played by DatNachtmaehre (Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)
  4. Neoma played by earthbae (Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)
  5. Jasmin played by knowitall123 (Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster)
  6. Orchid played by purpleshadowbooster (Minerva played by purpleshadowbooster)
  7. Esmae played by MythicalPrancer (Chiarro played by sasakious)
  8. Caeluan played by fishiefawns (Gwenaelle played by Seele-Studio)
  9. Daenerys played by KatrionaTalnae (Emmory played by twilght-incantations)
  10. Elodi played by orengel (Dall played by athena102)
  11. Isabaeu played by athena102 (Dall played by athena102)
  12. Vilkas played by Vaerii (Elara played by Vaerii)
Spring-Summer 761
  1. Derryth played by decors (Fenella played by decors)
  2. Davian played by MythicalPrancer (Amaniel played by RusticLass)
  3. Naminé played by ThePaisley (BóAnn played by fulociraptor)
  4. Vaati played by merakki (Chiarro played by sasakious)
  5. Colleen played by DovieCaba (Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)
Spring-Summer 762
  1. Judicaël played by Shireling-Archer (Gwenaelle played by Seele-Studio)
  2. Jumelle played by AgentDarkhorse (Gwenaelle played by Seele-Studio)
  3. Rohan played by Aodhlach (Fae played by DatNachtmaehre)
  4. Ashanti played by LiddleCherry (Adrianne played by LiddleCherry )
Spring-Summer 763

  1. Drusilla played by decors (Fenella played by decors)
  2. Dunthing played by ??? (Amaniel played by RusticLass)

Herd Information
Herd: Glenmore - Haven
Herd Position: Leader of Haven

Drustan is a gentle stag with a large heart and a fragile soul. You can count on him to keep a secret, save you from Blackwood raiders, and make exceptionally adorable babies (a pastime that he enjoys greatly). Known as a ladies man, King Drustan has become slightly more reserved in the last few years and while he's always affectionate and polite, he seems not to have the same gusto as in previous years. Nevertheless, he seems more mature, and is more select about the company he keeps. His devotion to the Kingdom is surpassed only by his love for his children, all of which he loves to spend time with when he gets the chance.


Year 752
The Prince and the Royal - Dru meets Jorm

Year 756
Stick them with the pointy end

Prior to 757, Drustan has a fairly uneventful life full of Princely events such as standing around look pretty, flirting with girls and generally having fun. Then it all goes to pot.

Year 757
Crown Prince Donnaghán (his brother) is exiled for the murder of Captain Broccán (
Lonán's father), and not even a few days pass before King Ragnar (Drustan's father) is dead b suspicious circumstances. After his brothers exile and his father's sudden death, Prince Drustan finds himself wearing the crown of Glenmore. The sudden weight of the Kingdom has just landed squarely on his shoulders and suffice it to say, he's not dealing well! He is left with a responsibility that he never thought he'd have, and a hole in his chest where his freedom used to be.

Crowds and Boykings
Love is in the Air - Harem 757

Rusted Hearts [Art- Dru meets a distressed Luz in the forest

Year 758
The birth of his first fawns is a momentous occasion, and for a while Drustan is coasting on the honeymoon bliss of fatherhood. Eventually however, the stress of ruling a Kingdom that does not have faith in him is slowly getting to him, and finding out about his betrothed's infidelity knocks him down another few rungs in confidence. The weight of that secret, followed by the death of his mother and the secrets he must keep for her, and the destruction of the Great Oak bring Drustan to the very edge of his limits. However a poignant conversation with a common doe no less set him back on track, and he faces the winter with grim determination. 

If at first you don't succeed [Blades of Grass and Rosen Thorns] - Dru tries to charm Scarlet
King Creche - Babies 758
The First Leaf -
Love is in the Air, Again - Harem 758
Party Crashers [Part 1] [Part 2] - Dru takes on Brynmore in defence of his family and Scarlet!
The Secret to Love - Dru discovers a secret he rather wouldn't have...
Kiss Your Promises Goodbye [Softly, Soon] - :star: RP OTM April 2014 - Tragedy strikes again!
King of Ashes, Prince of Soot - Dru rushes to the rescue of his eldest son, Raeghan!
Curls and Chauvinism - Dru is stricken by the events just passed, but Scarlet finds him to share a few pearls of wisdom
Bewitched [Art] - In which Dru is very happy, not knowing he's just made the gravest mistake (so far) of his life!
Lovely Illusions [Art] - Dru meets up with Scarlet, who denies anything ever happened! Dru is sad.
Dark Solstice [Art] - :star: RP OTM September 2014 - Dru turns to Princess Fenella for comfort, and Fenella is adorably cute.
King Creche - Winter Wonderland - Dru and the kids play in the snow!

Year 759
Drustan embarks on the new year in great turmoil. The love for his children keep him strong, but the multitude of secrets and worries and a soul-wracking event in the winter just passed have him on edge. The discovery that his own brother is keeping a precious secret from him hurts him greatly, and everything comes to a head when Lonán's secret makes herself known and threatens to topple what is left of the Kingdom. Miraculously, what could have been the end turned into a new beginning, and Drustan finds that suddenly everything is falling into place and he faces the future with confidence and optimism. He's finally the monarch that his Kingdom needs.

A Rose by any other Name [Art] - Princess Aveline is born, and BoAnn confronts Dru about their secret
It Runs in the Family - Dru founds out about Ms Sparklepants hidden away in the forest
King Creche - Hide and Seek - Dru plays hide and seek with the kids!
The Spirit and the Letter - :star: RP OTM August 2014 - Nuala returns, and pandemonium ensues! Can Dru stop the herd from breaking apart!? Dun dun duuunn...
King Creche - Babies 759
Confessions and Councils - Dru invites Scarlet to join the council
Glenmore Council Meeting #1 - the very first council meeting! Horray!
Seeing Red [Part Two] - Dru confronts Rafe after he tries to woo Scarlet, fighting ensues!
The Ugly Side of Beauty [Art] - Dru is injured, but Fenella comes to the rescue. Also, suspicious molehills.
Making Mountains out of Molehills [Art] - Dru asks Huisha MANY THINGS.
Wishing too hard upon a star [Art] - Dru gets some de ja vu, and upsets poor Fenny
Flower Power [Art] - Dru is grumpy, but Elodi makes everything better!
Forgive but Never Forget 
[Art] - Dru makes a promise to stop upsetting ladies, and makes amends with BóAnn
The Art of Digging [Art] - Dru starts to make amends with Fen, and digs up some rocks

Year 760
Is suspiciously quiet...

King Creche - Two-year-olds and yearlings 760!
Start Small - Dru is less useless than usual

Lots of childish lake shenanigans
Lady of the Lake [Art] - Dru prances around like a goob with Fen at the lake
Forgetmenots - Dru and Lune pick flowers like men
Emerald Eyes [Art] - Dru and Vilkas with hindrance from Aveline create Sir Lancelot III, guardian of hedgehogs and defender of pebbles.
The Return - Dru encounters Donnchadh and his stolen Princess Galadiell while getting pummelled by Blackwoods

Hammer to Fall - It's the beginning of the end, Dru takes the plunge, and tells his secret to Fenella
Steamboats - Choochoo, steamboat coming through!
Truth be Told - Dru tells BoAnn the secret!
The knight in shining armor? - Dru finds Gwen after she is beaten by Silvanus
Secrets - Dru tells Gwen the secret
Dwindling Secrets - Dru tells Chiarro the secret
Of Pebbles, Princes and Promises- Dru tells Fae the secret
Our Blood - Dru tells Dall the secret
What Makes a King? - Dru tells Luz the secret
Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe - Dru tells Amaniel the secret
Muddy Pasts, Muddy Futures - Dru tells Adrianne the secret
False King - Dru tells Elara the secret

Thorns of Truth and Trust - Dru tells Scarlet the secret, and makes some progress against those thorns
Dawn's Snow - Dru and Bo prace around in the snow like goobs


Year 761

Gaping hole of mopey Dru

Am I ready - Snuggles with Gwen!
Seedling of Love - Cuddles with Fae!
Love Continues to Bloom - Noseboops with Bo!
Bloom Again - Nuzzles with Adri!
talk with the king - Dru encounters his old harem doe Minerva!

Year 762


Empty Spaces - In which Nunu is a fleeing fleer and Dru is a grumpy grumperton
The Miracle of Birth, The Tragedy of Death - Dru loses his first doe to childbirth 
Two Rays of Hope - Bo adopts the twins
Hugs are Good - After Gwen's death, Dru is sad, but Derr is ready with healing hugs!
King Creche 762 - The smallest creche yet! But still just as cute <3
Eulogy - Dru says a final farewell to Gwen, and Scarlet comforts
Protector - Dru and his sparkly wives and children make golems!

Crazy little thing called... 
The secrets we keep - Dru learns another secret!

All hell breaks loose... again.....
MASS RP - PART ONE: Coup of the Century
MASS RP - PART TWO: Murkiest Scam
MASS RP - PART THREE: Teeth and Ambition Beared
Dru and his loyal harem and fawns flee Glenmore!


Brothers in Haven - Drudaw
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Dru and Amaniel brew a monster <3

Skill Points

Speed: 42 [Master Level]
Stamina: 31 [Master Level]
Strength: 19 [Medium Level] (Build Cap: 19 points max)

Magic: 50 [Master Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 5

+3 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+3 strength - base bonus
+7 speed - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+10 speed - bacon boost
+3 speed - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Stick them with the pointy end
+2 strength - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level
+1 stamina - art - Love is in the Air - hey, don't deny, totally counts as stamina...
+4 magic - collab lit - 2000+ words - If at first you don't succeed
+1 stamina - art - Love is in the Air, Again
+2 stamina - collab art - Party Crashers
+4 strength - collab lit - 2000+ words - Party Crashers [Part Two]
+1 magic - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+1 experience - drawing in a fight
+1 strength - art - Bewitched
+4 stamina - collab lit - 2000+ words - Bewitched
+1 stamina - practising/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+1 experience - losing a fight
+4 stamina - collab lit - 2000+ words - Lovely Illusions
+2 strength - collab art - Lovely Illusions
+2 strength - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level
+2 speed - collab lit 400-999 words - King Creche - Winter Wonderland
+2 speed - lit - 1000-1999 words - It Runs in the Family
+3 strength - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - King of Ashes, Prince of Soot
+4 magic - collab lit - 2000+ words - The Spirit and the Letter
+2 stamina - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level
+3 (+1 speed, +1 stamina +1 strength) - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Seeing Red [Part Two]
+1 magic - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+2 experience - winning a fight
+2 magic - collab art - The Ugly Side of Beauty
+4 magic - collab lit - 2000+ words - The Ugly Side of Beauty
+2 magic - collab art - Flower Power
+3 magic - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Flower Power
+2 stamina - collab art - The Art of Digging
+4 magic - collab lit - 2000+ words - The Art of Digging
+1 magic - art - Start Small
+2 speed - collab art - Lady of the Lake
+4 (+2 stamina, +2 magic) - collab lit - 2000+ words - Lady of the Lake
+2 magic - collab art - Emerald Eyes
+2 magic - collab lit - 400-999 words - Emerald Eyes
+3 strength - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - The Return
+1 stamina - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+4 magic - collab lit - 2000+ words - Hammer to Fall
+4 magic (+2 magic, +1 speed, +1 stamina) - collab lit - 2000+ words - Steamboats
+1 magic (minimal use) - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Truth be Told
+4 stamina - collab lit - 2000+ words - Of Pebbles, Princes and Promises
+2 speed - collab lit - 400-999 words - The knight in shining armor
+3 speed - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - What Makes a King?
+3 magic - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Muddy Pasts, Muddy Futures
+4 magic - collab lit - 2000+ words - Thorns of Truth and Trust
+2 speed - collab art - Dawn's Snow
+4 speed - collab lit - 2000+ words - MASS RP: Coup of the Century
+1 stamina - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+1 experience - drawing a fight

:bulletred: Dru is CLOSED for breeding! He will only breed with his harem does :bulletred:

Old refs:

Drustan | Stag | King by TigressDesign Drustan - OLD REF by TigressDesign

Glenmore Babies Auction x4

Mon Sep 14, 2015, 3:43 PM

Hello beans! It’s a fruitful year for my Glenmore Fawnling collection, and there are three 763 newborns and one elder fawn up for adoption! For my sanity, I’m going to do them all in one journal with roughly the same rules for each. First I’ll do the boring overall rules, and then read on to the individual foals for their particular conditions!

  1. You agree to love and cherish these babies always. If at any point you find you no longer click with the character or don’t have time to play them, please let me know so I can find them a new home. Please don’t auction them off or give them away yourselves without letting me know, or if I can’t be reached!

  2. Activity requirements are low but just here to make sure there is some expectation in place! You should be able to commit to at least one written RP each Fawnling year at the very least, and I reserve the right to rehome the fawn if they become inactive for more than 6 months. I’m not strict on these but due to their plot-potential, I’m hoping they will all remain active!

  3. This is a profile-based auction, so to enter you just need to draw a reference image (full body, and depicting their personality), and write out a full bio in the artist comments. There are a few extra fields I’ve added as well to give me some idea of your future plans, as well as a little RP sample to see how you gel with your ideas in literature form! For the sake of having more than bleating to do, you can RP the fawn as a few months up to a year old for the sample.

    Pro tip: Don’t go overboard with future plans, since the nature of RP is very flexible and things could change dramatically before they are adults! Give vague outlines and ideas, and be careful not to be tempted by outlandish plots! They don’t have to be complex to be winners. I have a soft spot for well-developed down-to-earth characters that are formed by their experiences and parental relations.

    You can add extra parts to your bid but there is no requirement unless they expand my understanding of your character ideas.

    Basic Information
    Name: (and nickname, if they have one)
    Year of Birth: ____ of the New Age (may also be written as Y759 NA)
    Height: (if fawn or under the age of 10, please format as “Predicted height”)
    Build: (Light, Medium etc)
    Eye Colour:
    Design Sheet: (link to approved design sheet)

    Sire: (if fawn - link to profile)
    Dam: (if fawn - link to profile)
    Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
    Magic Type: (see Magic Journal)

    Skill Points

    [paste the Calculator Stat Block here, including breakdown!  See Skill Points Journalfor more detail]

    Herd Information
    Herd Position: (if applying for a special position, please format as “Position [PENDING]” and complete Special Rank application)
    Current Location:

    Personality: (include strengths, weaknesses, relationships, etc)
    Appearance: (include trinkets, scars etc. Here you may hint whether you imagine the character with light or dark coat, favoured or disliked by its looks within the herd etc)
    History: (include where the fawnling was born, travels so far, and aspirations for future, etc. if the Fawnling is born of a different bloodline to their current herd, please provide reasoning)

    Future Plans
    (a paragraph or two about ideas and potential plots you have in mind)

    Roleplay Sample
    (a 400-500 word sample of how you would play the fawn)

    Save your bids to dA or and submit your bids here:

  4. You may apply for as many babies as you like, but unless I can’t resist your bid for multiples, you will likely only win one.

  5. I’m willing to purchase 9th Slots for any winners who need them!

  6. The deadline is 24th October for all fawns!

The Fawns


Dunthing by TigressDesign
  • Gender: Undefined - up to bidder

  • Parents: Drustan and Amaniel

  • Design: Dunthing Design

  • Birthday: 31st October 2015 (Spring 763)

  • Details: Dunthing will be the second fawn to be born in Haven. Dunthing will also the curliest fawn in Haven, with curly mane, tail AND coat hair! Dunthing is a mud-magnet, and genetically about 75% Drudaw.

  • Bid Suggestions: Dunthing is clearly terrifying(ly adorable), and should be portrayed as such. All Dunthing has ever known is Haven, safe and secure, with no judgement and a lot of love! Being a Halloween baby, a themed RP sample would be adorable!
    Note: Please refrain from bidding on this little lamb if you already have a Dru fawn! Owners of other Havenites may enter but please note preference will be given to non Havenite owners.

“Pumpkin Spice”

Punkin by TigressDesign
  • Gender: Filly (Royal)

  • Parents: Donn and Ylva

  • DesignDonnaghan x Ylva Fawn Design 763 

  • Birthday: TBA November 2015 (Summer 763)

  • Details: Little Pumpkinspice will be a daughter of the (previous) Prince of Glenmore, with a traditional Lady as a mother! Her personality is mostly up to you, though take into account that her mother is strict about properness and her father will expect good behaviour. Ylva has disowned family in the past for untraditional behaviour, and little Pumpkin’s parents will set the bar high.

  • Bid Suggestions: Keep in mind when bidding for her is that the status of her father at this current point in time is undetermined. Unless he wins his bid for King, he shall be at the mercy of the new King’s word. He and his spawn could be considered tainted or even expelled unless his Royal title is restored, so I won’t be accepting bids until the new King is announced so you have time to concider her future. As her due date is later than the rest, there will likely be an extension so there’s no rush!
    Note: Please refrain from bidding on this little berry (pumpkins are berries, who knew!) if you already have a Donn fawn!

:new: As Donn did not win the kingship, Ylva will be trying her very best not to get tainted along with him, and if successful will be distancing herself from him! Punkin will be drilled extensively in being a proper lady and her father will not often be mentioned (except to blame wrong-doings on).


Chocobab by TigressDesign
  • Gender: Colt (Royal)

  • Parents: Donn and Nuala

  • DesignDonnaghan x Nuala Fawn Design 763

  • Birthday: 10th November 2015 (Summer 763)

  • Details: Chocoboy is the talentless son of Donn and Nuala. Due to his mother’s severe lack of empathy for anything at the moment, he will likely be rejected by his motherand  fostered by other does in Donn’s harem. He will be favored by his father as he is the son of his prized possession, but that will likely change when it’s discovered that he’s as magically talented as a potato.

  • Bid Suggestions: As with Pumpkin, Chocoboy’s future is in the balance depending on Donn’s King Tournament success. I won’t be accepting bids for him until the new King is announced and Donn’s near future is determined and bidding will likely be extended! The main thing to concider when bidding is that his mother will not be affectionate, loving or indeed at all interested in her son, and Chocoboy should not love his mother in return.
    Note: Please refrain from bidding on this little potato if you already have a Donn fawn!

:new: As Donn did not win Kingship, Nu and Choco are in a bad spot! Watch this space for punishment outcomes!

Nimue aka “Snow”

Yep :dummy:

Nimue-small by TigressDesign
  • Gender: Filly (Princess on the run)

  • Parents: Lonán and Nuala

  • Previous RefSnow | Hind | Illegitimate Princess

  • Design: Snow Design

  • Birthday: 1st July 2014 (Early Summer 759)

  • Details: Omfg I’m so excited. Snow is the firstborn daughter of the OTP Lonán and Nuala, has yet to have any RPs, and is looking for her forever home. Brief history includes getting born and growing a tree, being cooped up inside said tree for two years, escaping with her mother and father into the Glenwood to live happily ever after until her mother mysteriously disappeared and is nowhere to be found. For the ease of RPing this lady, you should assume that she was somehow also separated from her father but leave that event vague since the character is inactive and it would be powerplaying to assume anything in detail. Her personality is somewhat blank but keep in mind that she was essentially raised in captivity. She would hardly have been allowed outside of the Oak which is where they were kept, would not have had any friends and her only company was her mother and sometimes her father and aunts (Bo and Fen) and uncle (Dru). She would have grown up practicing magic with Nu and listening to bedtime stories about Nu’s adventures as well as tales of Óganach, Earrann and Áillte. She would be raised to believe in True Love, and to fear Blackwoods and Oakferns, with the exception of a nice fiery renegade by the name of Corvus, and a gruff old limpy shaman called Berach. I’m imagining that now she’s alone in the Glenwoods, she’s probably very scared and doesn’t really have the social skills to made fabulous conversation. Where she goes from here is up to you, though remember that any Guard that sees her WILL catch her and drag her back to Glenmore where most likely she will be married off and turned into a baby factory. You are welcome to send her to Haven in a few years when applications open up, but the idea of a free-roaming mysterious shy princess in the woods tickles my fancy the most! Forest Genie <3

  • Bid Suggestions: In short: dress to impress. Snow is the first BA baby in TWI, and at three years old she’s already casting medium level Light Magic. She’s very special to me so the winner will be someone who is active, loves their characters and is ready for a whole slew of past RPs with me and Nuala. If no suitable bids are received I will keep hold of Snow for a little while longer and try again later. Please don’t be upset if your bid doesn’t make it, I’m going to be picky! Snow’s been gathering dust for so long I want to make sure history isn’t going to repeat itself! You are welcome to set the RP sample in the past, present or future, whatever helps you develop the character the most.
    Note: Please refrain from bidding on this little sparkle of joy if you already have a Princess! If you just can’t resist, go ahead but please note that preference will be given to non Princess owners.


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